SWAN - Make beauty smart

SWAN aims to create the world's largest beauty platform accessed through a smart mirror. To achieve this goal, Yukawa has been asked to deliver an integrated IoT-solution and orchestrate a complete ecosystem that connects hardware, apps, and communities in a smart and elegant way.
SWAN - Make beauty smart


Project Spotlight

What level of hiker are you?

Determining what level of hiker you are can be an important tool when planning future hikes. This hiking level guide will help you plan hikes according to different hike ratings set by various websites like All Trails and Modern Hiker. What type of hiker are you – novice, moderate, advanced moderate, expert, or expert backpacker?
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SWAN - Make beauty smart


Hiking Essentials

Picking the right hiking gear!

The nice thing about beginning hiking is that you don’t really need any special gear, you can probably get away with things you already have.
Let’s start with clothing. A typical mistake hiking beginners make is wearing jeans and regular clothes, which will get heavy and chafe wif they get sweaty or wet.
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Where you go is the key

Understanding your map & timing

To start, print out the hiking guide and map. If it’s raining, throw them in a Zip-Lock bag. Read over the guide, study the map, and have a good idea of what to expect. I like to know what my next landmark is as I hike. For example, I’ll read the guide and know that say, in a mile, I make a right turn at the junction..
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18 months

The SWAN Story

SWAN has launched a mobile app that provides a new video platform for high-quality content covering a wide range of topics such as makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and medical information from specialists. In addition, SWAN intends to launch a beauty mirror that combines the beauty platform with features like perfect lighting, video recording, and eventually even video calls with the user’s own network. During the development phase, our main focus was on creating the most important feature: the collection and centralisation of data from the platform and devices in order to be in a position to make informed decisions that would improve the platform and content based on user interests and consumption.

SWAN centralises and highlights beauty content in a way that catches the eye. Besides having a mobile app where content is created and consumed by the users, with its unique mirror feature, SWAN will be an essential item in the user’s home and while travelling.


Yukawa is SWAN’s key partner for the development of both apps on mobile devices and to bring the entire ecosystem together on the central cloud server in order to manage users and, content and to enable the SWAN team to organise the platform itself via a specific frontend feature.One of the most important features is the collection and centralisation of the data from the platform and the devices to enable decisions to be taken that will improve the platform and content based on the interests and consumption of the users.


Yukawa has been working with SWAN and the Design Team since 2020 to define the best scope for the SWAN project - we were involved right from the start and have implemented the requirements in an agile method with the partner setup.

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