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Digital Ecosystems and IoT-Solutions.
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We are a leading builder of digital ecosystems and IoT-solutions for ventures and corporates

Yukawa helps your business to thrive in the digital age by crafting and implementing the technical landscape of your digital business model.
We advise you independently and deliver fully-integrated IoT-systems, software solutions and digital setups. Since 15 years, our experts have been co-creating products and digital ventures in fast lane mode alongside corporates, spin-offs and start-ups in a wide range of industries.
We act as committed builders and entrepreneurs to realize value together with you.

We create the right solution for your digital business model, providing Sparring, Systems and Stories.

Yukawa is an international team of specialists, aiming to create new innovative systems for the internet of things.



Yukawa sincerely believes that it must first understand its client’s philosophy and strategy in order to build the right technology. We build partnerships that go beyond classical supplier-customer relationships.

As a result, we have become experts in the development of digitally driven business models. Yukawa´s project managers not only deliver technology projects but also understand our client’s business model and key metrics. We put ourselves in the perspective of our client’s customers - regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C.



We develop individual software solutions and integrate them into your existing system landscape. With a highly motivated team of experts, our delivery is fast and flexible. We never start from scratch, yet we develop highly independent and customised products for our clients.

Our Yukawa Weave Framework is already being used by numerous clients and, in addition to IoT eco-systems, includes business functionalities such as order management, logistics and CRM.



Yukawa Stories is putting the user right at the centre of everything. From naming and branding to UX/UI projects, we have over 10 years experience with digital products built for startups and corporate startups.

Sparring & Advisory

Venture Building

Building ventures with innovative digital business models from scratch.

Product Development

Creating technology driven products for start-ups and enterprises.

IT Architecture

Defining the strategic IT landscape and how the components work together.


Transforming business operations from manual processes into automated workflows.

Systems & Technology

AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging data science, engineering and AI technologies into real AI use cases.

IoT - Ecosystems

Delivering complex connectivity networks involving hardware & software.

Mobile Apps

Developing business driven mobile apps that integrate into commerce and IoT use cases.

Data Science

Elevating commercial decision through our data analytics solutions.

Commerce Solutions

Building, integrating and operating commerce tools and platforms.

Integration Services

Connecting applications through APIs and middleware services.

Backend Development

Delivering robust and secure backend and database services geared for scalability.

Frontend Development

Crafting sleek, user-friendly interfaces for seamless interaction and visual allure.

Selected Cases

With a team of highly-skilled software architects, developers, product owners and venture builders we have the power to make your vision happen. By combining our technical expertise with our passion for entrepreneurship, we develop innovative and tailor-made software solutions as well as integrate existing software products following the best of breed approach.  We really get it done for you!

nunc. - A coffee revolution

Yukawa has helped Next Level Coffee to build a connected coffee ecosystem consisting of espresso machine + grinder + mobile & web app + recipes + coffee + community.
nunc. - A coffee revolution

SWAN - Make beauty smart

SWAN aims to create the world's largest beauty platform accessed through a smart mirror. To achieve this goal, Yukawa has been asked to deliver an integrated IoT-solution and orchestrate a complete ecosystem that connects hardware, apps, and communities in a smart and elegant way.
SWAN - Make beauty smart

Dr. Barbara Sturm - Operational excellence

For Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics, Yukawa has optimised the company’s operational processes and implemented smart software to automate commercial workflows.
Dr. Barbara Sturm - Operational excellence
My Process

Your Dream Website in just few steps

From consultation to launch, our streamlined process ensures timely delivery and quality work.
Get in Touch
Get in Touch



During the concept phase, I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and goals for their website.
  • Reviewing any existing branding
  • Target audience and competitors research
  • Developing a strategy



Once the concept is established, I move on to the design phase. Here, I create a visual representation of the website that reflects the client's brand and messaging.
  • Developing wireframes and mockup
  • Choosing typography, color palettes, and imagery
  • Refining the design



After the design is finalized, I move on to building the website using Webflow.
  • Translating the design into code using Webflow
  • Responsive and functions perfectly across all devices
  • Testing the website thoroughly before launch

Award-Winning Websites

I create award-winning websites that elevate your brand and attract more customers.
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template
Webflow Template

What my clients say

See what our clients have to say about their experience working with me and my team.
Client Logo

Exceptional web design that exceeded our expectations

Our website redesign surpassed our expectations. Aiko's attention to detail and creativity resulted in a visually stunning and user-friendly site that immediately boosted our online presence.
Testimonial Author
John Smith
ABC Company
Client Logo

Aiko delivered a website that showcases our business

Aiko's web design resulted in a website that showcases our business in a professional and user-friendly manner. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Testimonial Author
Karen Lee
Redwood Technologies
Client Logo

Aiko's web design brought our brand to life

Aiko's expertise in web design breathed life into our brand. She captured our vision with precision, and delivered a website that stands out among our competitors.
Testimonial Author
David Kim
Design Inc.
Client Logo

Aiko's web design skills are unparalleled

Aiko's web design skills are unparalleled. She's able to take our ideas and turn them into a visually stunning website that reflects our brand and captures our audience
Testimonial Author
Andrew Thompson
Silverstone Corporation
Client Logo

Highly recommended for web design and SEO

Aiko's expertise in web design and SEO has exceeded our expectations. Her attention to detail and personalized approach make her highly recommended.
Testimonial Author
Emily Davis
Greenway Industries
Client Logo

Aiko's content creation and web design are top-notch

Aiko's content creation and web design skills are top-notch. She's able to produce high-quality content that engages our audience, and design a website that complements our brand.
Testimonial Author
Ryan Chen
Golden Gate Solutions
Yukawa team.
Yukawa employee Axel Post.
Yukawa employee Lars Schäfer.
Yukawa employee Leon Geitz.
Yukawa employee Mino Kayser.
Yukawa employee Clemens Boldt.
Yukawa employee Oliver Post.
Yukawa employee Jan Erdweg.
Yukawa employee Charles Archibong.

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Meet the team

Yukawa is a team of about 25 experts and tech enthusiasts. Our team co-creates with our partners at their premises and also delivers remotely from Europe, Asia and Africa. We enjoy learning about your business, applying new technologies and are passionate about our projects.
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Digital Ecosystems and IoT-Solutions.
Made with you.